Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Profile

OK, bitches - I updated mah fuckin' profile, so now ya'll got somethin' ta read!




Bet You Wish ...

... you were this dildo ...

Am I right? I know I am, it's ok, you don't haveta say it out loud or nuthin' ...

Let's just both call it what it is ... you wanna fuck me, and I'm a trailer trash whore!

Here's a poem fer ya bitches while you just readin' my fuckin' blog an' not callin' me, sittin' there jackin' yer cock off on yer own:

You can fuck me in the sun, you can fuck me in the rain
You can fuck me sideways and back up agin
Anyway you fuck me, you know I will love it
Because, truth be told, I'm a trailer trash slut!


Trailer Trash Tiff

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make me a Fuckin' Technorati Favorite!

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Hey, Welcome!

Hey, whatcha doin' sneakin' up on me like that? I mean, I love to be scared and shit, but I still wanna know it's comin' a little bit, else I feel like you's gonna go Jeffrey Dahmer on mah fine ass! I know ya just come here to cum here - know what I mean? I know ya do.

And I'm cool with that, y'know ... I need more cock than that faggot biker boyfriend of mine wants ta hand out, that's for damn sure! He just wants ta hang out with his buddies, leavin' my pussy gapin' and empty ... I think that sucks! If I hadda dick, I'd wanna fuck me, like I know you do ... whyn'cha call me? I'm always available for a good hard cock like that one there between yer legs, honey ... 1-888-679-3712

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